Recognizing the critical and growing importance of parole in assuring community safety, appropriate responses for victims, and responsible use of public resources, the Bureau of Justice Assistance has announced the funding of a National Parole Resource Center to help support and shape the future of parole as an increasingly effective stakeholder in the criminal justice system. The mission of the National Parole Resource Center (NPRC) is to serve as:

  • a source of information, training, and technical assistance for paroling authorities and the supervision agencies that they oversee and with whom they collaborate;
  • a forum and source of support that will enable parole leadership to continue to define the evolving role of parole in a criminal justice system seeking to carry out their statutory mandates including the community protection, and the wise use of public resources; and
  • a “portal” to other resources for parole, beyond those directly provided by the NPRC, by establishing collaborative partnerships with other public and private entities seeking to assist paroling authorities and agencies.

For more information about the NPRC, contact Leilah Gilligan, Project Manager, at lgilligan@cepp.com.