Setting Parole Conditions to Achieve Public Safety

Goals of this Guide, and How to Use It

This Action Guide, Paroling Authorities:  The Importance of Engaging Meaningful Partnerships, is designed to provide information and tools to help paroling authorities heighten their interest in forming strong collaborative partnerships with key criminal justice stakeholders in their state, and to provide them with concrete suggestions and strategies for building these partnerships to strengthen the criminal justice system and to enhance community safety.  It is one of a set of Action Guides being developed by the National Parole Resource Center (NPRC)  to be used in concert with the Self-Assessment Toolkit for Paroling Authorities, which is an online guide that assists parole boards in considering the full range of paroling authority practices.  This Action Guide is intended to assist parole board chairs, members, and staff to:

This guide is presented in sections to facilitate its use:

 1 It should be noted that paroling authority members will also find it essential to build effective collaborations among their own membership, even before they can build effective collaborations externally.  Strategies for internal team building are addressed in a number of companion Action Guides that are or will be available at

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