Paroling Authority Self-Assessment Toolkit

How to Use This Toolkit

This Toolkit has been designed as a resource for parole board chairs, members, and staff.  The goals of the Toolkit are to help users to:   

For each practice target, users should work together to:

When your group concludes its discussion following each practice target, you will be asked to answer a series of questions in each area.  Users of this Toolkit are asked to consider these questions by referring to their own Board's policy and operating materials and discussions with other Board members.  Boards should feel  free to make this an iterative process- review the questions and if more information is needed, return to complete the assessment scoring once pertinent information has been gathered.

At the conclusion of the toolkit, users will be encouraged to develop a plan in response to their self-assessments that will be beneficial to their boards as they prioritize which practice targets warrant the most attention at this time, and possibly future areas for enhancing practice.

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